I'm Adda van Zanden.
Passionate speaker and speaker-trainer.

Adda is an English and Dutch speaker coach based in Amsterdam. Her unique combination of theatre and business knowledge brings out the best speaking talent sitting inside you.

As an actress I have discovered that the tools of theatre help professionals and managers to cope with the increasing complexity of their work and the increasing speed of change. The future of work, education and business is changing fast. The professional needs to be more flexible and thus needs to improvise more to find the openess to engage with that future and each other. Flourishing organisations can only exist through individual and collective wellbeing.

Change your mindset
The principles of improvisational theatre are similar to those of the creative process: expand your powers of association, postpone your judgement, accept and build on other people’s ideas. Changing our mindset from being afraid for change to a growth mindset and create within our lives and work an atmosphere of collaboration and trust is the next level of (personal) leadership.

Make connection
Above all theatre is teamwork. In theatre it is key to connect, not only with the other actors on stage, but most important with the audience. To be authentic and present. That connection and presence she brings to the business world. The games and methods of theatre enhange teamwork in organizations.

A powerful impression
The performance tools are based on working with body, breath and voice. How to use the space and storytelling. I can help you develop a strong and authentic ‘Presence’. It is when you are fully present that you make your deepest impression; you are heard, remembered and powerful. With Adda’s 20 years experience as a creative business changemaker she is transforming organisations through connection, collaboration and creativity.

A unique combination of performance practises and business changemaker knowledge

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